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Proud to share the successes of Gleneire dogs!

Lisa McCoy and her dog Booth!


Gleneire's Shaken Not Stirred

Lisa McCoy and her dog Echo!

Echo1                         Echo2
   Echo: Junior Hunter 1st leg                           Echo: Junior Hunter 2nd leg

Gleneire's Repeat Performance

* * * * *
Kim Wright and her dog Lulu!

LuluCar           LuluNW
     "Hey Chauffeur can you hurry up,                          Lulu earns her NW1
     my friends are waiting for me !!"                   and 2nd Place in Vehicles

*  *  *  *  *

Lisa McCoy in Washington State for the most recent fabulous wins on her two Gleneire kids.


The dog on the left is Booth.....Gleneire's Shaken Not Stirred UDX, MX, MXJ, RE and the one on the right is Echo....Gleneire's Repeat Performance CGC, TD,BN, NA, NAJ

* * * * *

Photo credit to Mike Buono.

Beth and Bruce
At 12 weeks Bruce is enjoying some relaxing bonding time with his mom.
Bruce is a Cruz and Kat puppy.



Gleneire's Shaken Not Stirred CGC, RE, UD, MX, AXJ  (Booth)

UPDATE: October 10, 2016
Booth is now Gleneire's Shaken Not Stirred MACH UDX2 OM1 VER RE MXS MJG, JH

June 26, 2013
Booth is now USA Master Agility Champion and he can be seen in the two YouTube videos below.
Congratulations to both Lisa and Booth on this monumental achievement
and I'm sure there is more to come for this dynamic duo!

Click here to see Booth's MACH run on YouTube

Click here to see Booth's MACH Victory lap on YouTube


Booth gets his Master Jumpers title.

(April 2011)

Click here to see Booth MXJ on YouTube

and his owner Lisa McCoy had an exciting time at the 2010 USA Nationals.
Booth achieved 2 legs on his UD title (one being a High in Class) and
they also won first in the team obedience competition to make their first
National experience a joy indeed.

See Booth run!

Well done Lisa & Booth....I'm so proud of you and all your achievements.

* * * * *


Echo says...But mom...LOOK...I did do the dishes........
Can I please have my allowance now?

Gleneire's Repeat Performance
DOB: March 11/10
Bred by Bertie Nielson & Sheila Walker and owned by Lisa McCoy.
Ch. Gleneire's Happy Daz x Gleneire's Dream Catcher

Fraser Airborne

This is Gleneire's name is "Fraser"
Bred by Bertie Nielson of Gleneire Kennels and owned by Lisa Carlson.
Gleneire's Some Like It Hot x Ch. Bastion's Easy Rider
"Just doing what a Springer loves to do at the beach".


BoothChute Booth

Gleneire's Shaken Not Stirred CGC, CD, CDX, RN, RA, RE, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AXJ
He is owned, trained and shown by Lisa McCoy of Washington, USA.
His Sire is Ch. Ramblewood My Way at Gleneire x Gleneire's Dream Catcher
DOB January 2007

Booth Tire


Gleneire Pup ~ Spring 2001


Gleneire's Scout's Honor (Scout)

This is Scout exhibiting the joyfull exuberance of a Gleneire Puppy enjoying and investigating the big, big world. Sire is "Trucker" and Dam is "Dee Dee Dinah".

Photo courtesy of Rod Erickson.


Gleneire's Scout's Honor (Scout)

This is Scout enjoying her first winter snow fall. Gleneire's Scout's Honor is owned by Rod & Lois Erickson of Prince George, B.C.


4 week old Gleneire puppy

Puppy says: "I know I'm a 'Good Vintage' but this is ridiculous~!!!"

Barney and Baby

Gleneire's Sir Barney

Barney the Baby-sitter owned by Chris and Marta of Victoria, happily snuggling with his little friend.

Bedtime Buddies

Bedtime Buddies

Bedtime Buddies



This is a typical 2 month old Gleneire ESS Baby


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